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Aug 31, 2008 ; 5:44 PM {♥}

(click to enlarge)
hahaha. find this conversation quite funny. LOL!!!!!!!!
can't show you guys anything below that,lest we get sue. LOL!!!
i think we're too bored,& i'm too insane. HAHAHAHA

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; 5:03 PM {♥}

hohohoh. my blog may be dead anytime soon.
i don't like blogs which is full of words,no photos. hahaha.
unless what the blogger wrote is interesting,which obviously doesn't imply to my blog. lol
so,before i starts to hate my own blog, i think i should just let it die first. WAHAHAHAHAHAHAS!
but but,i will post the photos once i get it from jy.lol.
bye blog,your owner will miss you! hahahahaha.

eeeeee. boring wanfong's blog :P
will make my blog as interesting as ever when my Os are over. hehehe!
just what i hope. lol!
i wanna change blogskin! shall do it after my Os which is 12454845251515584 more days. lol.
lalalaaa. i wanna learn flash! keith lin!!!!! lol.

oyar. finally,i'm back to cg! wooo!
it felt so great to be back in cg again,house of LOVE. :D

my life is filled with books now. how sad can that be? ahhh. :{
nono. no emo wanfong.don't worry. WAHAHAHAHAHAS

brought to you by WANFONG {♥}

; 12:20 AM {♥}

wooo! had a enjoyable teachers' day!
went to shop for teachers' present on thurs.
bought cookie from little jerry's cookie shop. :}
bought the 250g for mel.
then they shared the 100g for wang lao shi. didn't share cause not very close with her =X
went over to popular.
bought flowers for ms balan.share with pen and ger.
then pen and ger bought calculator for mdm yati.
wanna look for something nice for yati. but to no avail :{
then pen bought a "cake" for brendan.
walked around.wanna buy cards,but i don't know why i never buy. LOL!
had a fun celebration in school! :D
gana and mrs leong, 5F loves you!! :DDDDD
oman. didn't buy anything for mr ng. hahaha.
the most monotonous teacher who never fails to make me doze off in his lessons. hahaha! but he is a very cute teacher luh. lovable too.that's why bee ying claimed that he is her bf. LOL!!!!
took photos with the teachers but kuku jy haven't upload yet. hahaha.
gave mel the present today. woo. glad that she like it. haha!
anyway,even if she doesn't like it, i will FORCE her to like it. MUHAHAHAHHA. evil wanfong. lol.
wheeee. had intensive fellowship today :DDD
enjoyed elijah and zon super lame,cold jokes. lol.
hahahaha. XXX spoke to me! LOL! ==" pen will say i fa hua chi again. hahahahahahaahahahha!
but anyway, today is a great day! :}

N161 loves! let me introduce you our new member. his name is winnie the pooh! cute right?! but it seems like it has kena tortured by jas. haha

being baptised again? haha

oh no! the lollipop will be eaten up by ger!

happy miss goh! HAHAHA!

wheeeee... :DDDD

P/S thanks jie jin for that starbucks voucher!!!

P/P/S my angel is a very nice angel! though,i never see him before. haha

brought to you by WANFONG {♥}

Aug 28, 2008 ; 7:45 PM {♥}

arghhh. i really hate sci practical!!! >.<
why people get green ppt i get red-brown ppt? :{ roars! loL!
others put iron(ii) i put iron (iii) LOL!
whatever. it's over.
i just realise sy,clara,yiling and jy is always listening to my rantings. HAHA!
jy super kpo one lor. keep wanting to know what i told 10 on msn. lol.
oya.today we had count off. so everybody have to number themselves.
so coincidentally,i'm num 14. HAHA!
too bad yiling isn't 10. lol!
10 and 14. LOL! :DDDDD

wooo. teachers' day is coming!!!!!
happy advanced teachers' day to all!!
must really thanks mrs leong and mr gana for all this years. :}
appreciate ms balan's english english too! haha
love chocolates by mdm yati.most dramatic teacher.
appreciate mr ng's LAME jokes too. haha! thou you never fail to make me feel like dozing off in class =X

wheeeee. good teachers makes good 5formidable! :D

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Aug 26, 2008 ; 5:58 PM {♥}

What Wanfong Means
You are very charming... dangerously so. You have the potential to break a lot of hearts.
You know how what you want, how to get it, and that you will get it.
You have the power to rule the world. Let's hope you're a benevolent dictator!

You are usually the best at everything ... you strive for perfection.
You are confident, authoritative, and aggressive.
You have the classic "Type A" personality.

You are very intuitive and wise. You understand the world better than most people.
You also have a very active imagination. You often get carried away with your thoughts.
You are prone to a little paranoia and jealousy. You sometimes go overboard in interpreting signals.

You are loving, compassionate, and ruled by your feelings.
You are able to be a foundation for other people... but you still know how to have fun.
Sometimes your emotions weigh you down, but you generally feel free from them.

You are well rounded, with a complete perspective on life.
You are solid and dependable. You are loyal, and people can count on you.
At times, you can be a bit too serious. You tend to put too much pressure on yourself.

You are deeply philosophical and thoughtful. You tend to analyze every aspect of your life.
You are intuitive, brilliant, and quite introverted. You value your time alone.
Often times, you are grumpy with other people. You don't appreciate them trying to interfere in your affairs.
What's" Your Name's Hidden Meaning?

i can rule the world? i'm not God man. hahahaha!
but somehow it's true that my emotions rule me. lol.
i treasure friendship alot.yea. so i will be very very very very very very very very sad when something is wrong with my friendship. hahaha!
perhaps too paranoid.
that's why i can easily forgive one person when i'm once very close with that person.
then i will try my best in being like the past. HAHAHA!
so pen,sy,clara,jy,10 etc.. don't upset me! HEHEHEHEHE!
why am i so into friendship today? lol. weirdo. so. it's half true and half not true. hahaha! don't believe much. they aren't prophets. LOL!


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; 5:22 PM {♥}

happy birthday to hu kai xuan and tracy kok!& siao tong too.

happy belated birthday to desmond too :}

lovelove to kaixuan and tracy! :} wooo. kaikai 21 year old liao. better start growing up! LOL! anyway. wanwan is named by kai kai. lol! wanywan is named by cheryn kang kang. woo. they are the very first bunch i say i love them! yea. not even wash =X
oman. i really miss the past.
the countless nights we spent tgt at kbox,tracy house,clar's house,kai xuan's house,chalet. >.<
i tell you. kaixuan is really a super duper good friend !
i rmb there's once i told her i'm afraid of dark,the very next day she bought cute little torchlight for me! :D
i still rmb that time when i quarrel with sy,i told her everything. then she tried to comfort me etc.
then when i'm broke she will treat me lunch.not cheap lunch but sakae sushi!
did lots of funny stuffs with her also. LOL!
she really rocks man ! :D
all my bullshits are learnt from her! hahahahahaha.
then we will share inner jokes etc. LOL!
laughed at cheryn whenever she speaks chinese.
really "hate" the clique man! HAHA!
all the bitches who are always so nice. lol.

finally get to say what i wanna say long ago. :D
had a looooooooong chat with clara.
then i realise whenever there's only me and her we will always end up talking lots of stuffs.
heart talks ! :}

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Aug 24, 2008 ; 5:33 PM {♥}

my blog will soon be dead. hahaha!
wooo. congrats to dorcas,brendan and joel for graduating from SOT ! :D
ytd graduation night seems like some star awards. lol!
penny and i had a great laugh at........ :P
penny told me she saw lee kang wei ytd. initially i thot my bro was there. pretty surprised. then i found out that is our school lee kang wei =="

prelim are starting tml. bahhhhhhh.
honestly,i'm still not quite prepared for it. =X
haven't covered alot of topics.
wish me lucks man. arghhh.

went to study with alicia,beeying,val,jianan,keesoon,shaun,huiru,keith,cheesiang on fri.
walked to drivethru mac with daryl and jianan after night session.
studied till 12.30am. good students aren't we? :}
so. managed to study from 5.30pm-12.30am. hehehe!
jianan really have alot of complains about ....... ==" LOL!
kept pestering huiru on qns that i didn't know how to do. hahah! poor huiru. must help your mum abit mah =X mummy got qns must help. hehehe!see. my daughter is good! the other one not bad also.(jieying)
saw a hunk there. hahah! he look like edison chen with the combination of yu tian le. really shuai! lol :P
alicia got pretty sad when he is gone. haha

felt quite guilty for not attending kaixuan's 21st birthday party :{
tml prelim leh! can't afford to go out and have fun.
rammaged through my cupboard just now. saw one christmas card written by kaixuan few years back.
very nice her man. she bought me present that year,even thou she know i didn't have the money to buy her back any present.
the content of the card was pretty amusing. haha.
& the whole card is about how shitty i am =="
LOL! she wrote this," really had lots of fun with you around,because you are full of shits like i am.SUCKER" lol!
then she ended with hatehate, bitch.
LOL!!!!! oya. there's once lovelove is in fashion. haha!
but we change it to hatehate instead. lol!
arghhh. really miss those fun. >.<>.< year ="SSSSS">.<

brought to you by WANFONG {♥}

Aug 20, 2008 ; 7:04 PM {♥}

i've just changed my internet explorer to mozilla firefox. i preferred the layout than of internet explorer. haha

had birthday celebration for jy and liping birthday today. bahhh.
successful or not? hmmm. not sure. haha
we brought the pandan cake for jy before lessons starts. haha!
then she keep saying," wah lao eh. very stingy leh. on buget arh? pandan cake."
LOL! then gave her the cheapest and lousiest present on earth. haha
gave her 2 masks and one pencil. LOL!!!!!!!!! our aim is to make her sian! HEHE!
however. she've expected that. =="
gave her the real cake and present during recess. lol.
ehhh. jie ying. you better appreciate okay! HAHA! anyway. mr gana said our gift is a good gift.
&&& i actually like that MP3. hahahahaha! :P
jieying,you're so LUCKY! lol.
then started cake smashing. yiling initiate it.
cheryl tried smashing liping but failed. so the "smart" me. attacked from behind. haha!
end up kena smashed back by liping ==" seeee... this is called karma. LOL!
then yiling,sy and clara went to smashed jy. but i'm so innocent lah!
i see jy so ke lian. so i went there to help her remove some cream away,then shun bian spread abit to make it even. hahaha!
ehhhhh. i didn't do anything to her lor. she should aim yiling not me!
ROAR! really yuan wang wor! lol.
but i think jy enjoyed today :D
not sure whether she like that mp3 or not. haha! well.
we walked the whole j8 just to look for that gift lor! er. actually i exagerated it. lol!

had oral today. went pretty well. haha
but i doubt i will score high in reading,kept stammering style="

happy birthday to jieying!

i will be back tml :}

Michael Phelps woo. phelps is just so cool!!!!
& that youngest olympian is cool too! 14yr old only. *WOAH*
congrats to singapore team for winning the silver medal for double table tennis ! :}
cool yo!

phelps phelps phelps phelps! lol

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Aug 18, 2008 ; 5:26 PM {♥}

woo. finally tried the bubble tea pudding. YUMMY YUMMY.
nice man. haha!
bahhhhh. 2 more days to english oral. arghhh.

my POA is deproving. >.<
arghhh. open so many a/c for what? ROARS!
hate depreciation a/c!


i've just sent my brain to repair. haha! that explain my this few days weird combination of words. haha!
went to have KFC after svc last sat.
wanted to change my mashed potato to normal fries.
then i was sms-ing dorcas hoping that she would like the marshmellow.
then when it's my turn. i actually said this to the guy.
me," i would like to change my mashed mellow to normal fries."
LOL! then penny start laughing out REAL LOUDLY! HAHAH =="
then. we sat down. had some conversation on stephen meyer's books.
then seow shi being the spoiler told us the story.
then penny said this," ehhh. don't tell me. i haven't read newmoon yet."
me,"ya.. no spoiler for me please. i haven't even read moonlight yet."
==" then they kept laughing saying moonlight is written by me. lol! it's actually twilight if you didn't notice.
then went to take bus with pen. was listening to hillsong beautiful saviour.
so i asked pen this qns," you go home will study and have mignight saviour mah?"
==" what i wanna ask is. midnight study. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!
arghhhh. i hope my brain will work better after repaired. HAHA!



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Aug 13, 2008 ; 5:32 PM {♥}

woo. praise the lord man!
i was sicked last night. had headache even vomitted last night.
planned not to go to school on the next day. but Os are coming.
so i prayed that by morning my headache will be gone & i will recover.(it's already 2+am)
guess what?
when i got up. NO HEADACHE :DD
& i wasn't sleepy today in school. hehehe.
my God is a good God. He hears my prayers.
He healed me. :DDD
normally my headache will last till the next day. but :DDDD

finishing my jodi picoult novel soon. woo. a very nice story book.highly recommended :D
her nineteen mins , sister's keeper , perfect match and tenth circle is VERY nice.
stephenie meyer's books very nice also. haha
it's the books craze now. haha.
everybody is reading story books. LOL!

going back school later for night studying session.
physics. mr ng. oh no! i think i will study myself. i hope he won't talk,if not i will doze off =X
yeayea. wanfong is mugging hard now :}
not that hard thou =P
but well. i can feel that my maths are improving. hehe.
jiayoujiayou! LOL!

For nothing is impossible with God [luke 1:37]


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Aug 12, 2008 ; 9:13 PM {♥}

bahh. got B3 for my chinese :{
pretty disappointed. but not sure why am i so disappointed.
kinda expect this grade after i finished doing the papers.
i didn't studied for it. i didn't write very long for my essay. i didn't answer beautifully during my oral. & i still expect A? bahhhhhhh.

gotta retake for sure!
i earned myself a sweet from yiling for getting a B3. HAHAHA!
yiling said this to me ," lai lai. don't sad. i give you sweet."
see. i have good classmates. :DDDD

seeing anna cried i feel like crying too >.<
bahhhhhh. let's all jiayou for the retake paper and get A1 !

arghhh. gotta mug hard. but i'm taking a day off today. having headache =="
even headaches are bullying me. lol

alright.... ciaoz

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Aug 10, 2008 ; 6:54 PM {♥}

i send a super touching tag to ster-ass. she actually call me to shut up.
LOL! so unappreciative.
should say hate you more than love you.
you this unappreciative kuku skinny ass! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!
that's why ster is an ass. ster-ass. HAHAHA!
alright. i still love esther many many :}
just some random posting. haha
infact. i love everyone in 5formidable!!! :DDDDD
stupid kuku skinny ass. hate you! hahahahaha.
where's my water baffalo??? LOL! bahbah. i'm bored >.<

celebrated national day today with chc! HAHA!
actually i find is quite cute lah. whole church celebrating national day tgt.
celebrated jiejin birthday too. :DDDDD

getting my chinese result on tues. ahhhhhhhhh.
pray hard that i don't get A2.
if is A2 i couldn't decide whether should i retake or don't. so. no A2 for me please!
let me get A1 ! LOL!

brought to you by WANFONG {♥}

Aug 9, 2008 ; 3:17 PM {♥}

end up,i still went to school ytd. hahaha!
bo bian. mr gana says need MC >.< then that yiling wanna go poly clinic early morning at 8am!! lol. might as well go school. LOL!
this year national day celebration in school really bored me. haha
not as fun as last year.
went up on stage again this year. but the sec 5s looks like they were going on stage to fight with teachers. LOL!
we went on stage last year in choo-choo train pattern. this year all the sec5s just went on stage like that. w/o any pattern or anything. haha!
kaizhow leads the way. & he walked like some ah beng. so we looked like we're going out on some fight. hahahaha. then aaron start walking around the stage like some siao lang. LOL! esther and i kena pushed to the front =="
went outside for that sg connection thingy. totally sian half =="
sat on the floor,chit chat among ourselves.
then mr gana sat on the floor. & he look like some begger. HAHA!
so we put some money on the floor and starts taking photos.
then gana took out few 50bucks from his own pocket & put on the floor. then we started snatching. haha. then gana shouted," wah. got people robbed begger ah! gulu sia!" LOL! laughed like mad. haha
then hiu fang empty the sweets from the fox tin,put the money inside and placed it infront of gana. now he look like a real begger. HAHAHA! quite funny. photos is with mr james tan and uncle bob. lol!hope they will put in school website so that i can blogged it up.

national day party was much more fun than school celebration.
mingle around with all the peeps there.
had games and food.
haha! fun :D
my lao bu birthday coming sial. this coming fri. hahaha!

bahh. i gotta mug mug mug! woo. must mug hard for my prelims and Os.
arghhh. i must hit my targets! jiayou jiayou.

i love 5 formidable!!! we're the formidables ! WOO! :DDD
rock on YO ! :D

brought to you by WANFONG {♥}

Aug 7, 2008 ; 8:26 PM {♥}

it's the last year.......... last year in mayflower secondary school. D:
oman. i will miss everyone!

5formidable. we all have diff characters diff persona different thinking etc. but we can always blend so well with each other. 3 years of classmates. :D
our class spirit is always so strong!
we used to quarrel over silly stuffs. we used to speak ills of someone behind their back. then we grow mature with each other. let bygone be bygone. we have learnt that. we leave all those grudges behind us. now. our class is a really united class. no hatred between people (maybe secretly it still have.which i hope not.) we have fun together. shout scream together. throw our face,run up to stage in the name of fun.
it's really really really fun to be with you guys. i.......... really..... don't bear to leave this school leave this class leave all of you. :{
thou i may be complaining that this school is simply @*$^%^(! but somehow,i must admit. our school is actually one of the top few.

which school really have teachers acting out on stage to advertise certain event? which school have lunch time concert and song dedication to help their students relive some stress like us? which SEC school have their own musical concert? which school will have their teachers' variety show just to entertain students?
actually. i feel kinda proud to be mayflowerians. :D

last year. hais. really thanks all our subjects teachers for working so damn hard for our class. THANK YOU!
thou sometimes we have been complaining about too much work. but IT'S ALL FOR OUR OWN GOOD! hahaha.
alright. i love 5 formidable i love mayflower sec school! :D
yea. i'm praising my school! HAHAHA!
but it's kinda sad it's the last year. gotta treasure all of them.
we are one big clique!

the days we spent together as one big clique!

ending this post with our ever-so cute form teacher! MR GANA! : DDDDD

brought to you by WANFONG {♥}

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