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Jun 29, 2008 ; 11:56 AM {♥}

ytd prayer meeting is SUPER GOOD ! WHEE ~
first time i really felt so good ! thou i didn't fall but it's the first time i cried !!!! lol. & i really can feel the POWER !
anyway. friday cg sermon really impact me quite alot. HAHA!
choosing friends :}
anyway. something happened recently. but well. who cares about what others think of me. see my blog address. ME MYSELF,WANFONG ! =D
anyway. it's just SO SO SO SO SUPER CHILDISH !i no longer care what others bad mouth about me. HEHE! like what pen said. as long as she and ger knows i'm not that kind of person can le. THANKS PENNY ! THANKS GER TOO ! =D
anyway i will really try my best to fulfill my promises made to ger and pen. my 2 closest friends. =D
thou i sometimes will quarrel with ger,but we always ended good. & i can feel that after every quarrel we are brought closer to one another.
woohoo ! i think i must really learn from edmund. always controlling his temper. don't really care what others think about him but as long as he knows he is good !

oyar. THANK YOU to brendan,marcus and richard for sending me home ytd ! =D
3 bodyguards =P so shiok ! HAHAHAHA! brendan even suggested that he should say hi to my mother cause he is my ex-teacher ! LOL! ==" but i think my mum will be like 'huh?your indian teacher leh?' not sure why she always ask about gana whenever i say about teachers, like i only have ONE teacher. HAHAHAHAHAHA.

stop saying you don't like who you don't like who.cause you won't know who don't like you ! =="

brought to you by WANFONG {♥}

Jun 25, 2008 ; 7:43 PM {♥}

kaizhow,"ms balan i think your marker don't have ink."
ms balan,"i just tested it before i came into the class."
pierre,"teacher i got colour blind. i cannot see PURPLE colour!"
ms balan,"that's so contradicting ! how you know it's purple colour?"

get the joke get the joke? i actually laughed at this joke for the whole period. LOL!!!!!!!!! it's SO SO SO SO FUNNY LAH ! i know jieying will agree with me cause she laughed super loudly ! LOL!!!
this teaches us,'never say anything funny to teachers,cause they are always paying attention !' hahahhaa. that's why they became teachers as they are always paying attention in class.
i think pierre will kill me. gotta ciaoz first =P

brought to you by WANFONG {♥}

Jun 24, 2008 ; 6:11 PM {♥}

since penny have already put her handsome in her blog. i shall put mine too. :} HANDSOME AND CUTE RIGHT? wahahahas. anyway. he is hero(jaejoong) from DBSK. actually there is another guy from super junior which i find super shuai. his name is ryeo. not sure whether he is from super junior or shinwah. anyway. i agree with penny. the guy in his blog is SHUAI ! hahaha. penny kept telling me who he is but i've no idea at all who he is. but when i saw his photos. I KNOW I KNOW ! hahahaha.

anyway. kaixuan have already asked what i want for my birthday. LOL! so early right? HAHAHA! but i seriously got no idea what i want =="

anyway. i just realise juicy couture stuffs are really nice and pretty !!! =DD

anyhow,SUSHI ARE NICE OKAY ! hahahaha =PPP

brought to you by WANFONG {♥}

Jun 23, 2008 ; 5:49 PM {♥}

i've just catched kungfu panda with penny and marcus ! =D HAHA. A VERY CUTE SHOW !

anyway. mrs vannan created a joke today =X she was giving a care talk then she says something about panda kungfu ! HAHAHA! nono. i've got no typo here. she said panda kungfu ! =P whole school was laughing at her. then i think she still didn't get it. then she started asking the whole school to quieten now. LOL! then she carry on her talk about panda kungfu. LOL! so so. i was thinking. hmm. is it the panda fist or the kungfu is in panda shape. LMAO ! then mrs lim went up the stage and said something like," stop laughing school it doesn't really matter whether it's kungfu panda and panda kungfu." then i started laughing even louder. OPPS! i know i'm bad but i just can't help it. hehe. mrs vannan still say she is a english teacher lah. but it really sounded so wrong ! imagine you wanna praise someone. like cute penny ! but instead you said penny cute! so is the cute named penny or does cute looks like penny? HAHA! alright. i think i'm too over. i'm such a bad person laughing at someone else mistakes =XX but anyway. my main point is,KUNGFU PANDA IS A CUTE AND NICE MOVIE ! or you wanna called it panda kungfu. anything =P

give me some time. i'm still learning and growing :}

PS:steph win liao lor. got blog never tell me ! anyway. i just realise i never link alot people. WAHAHAHAHAS! opps =X

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Jun 22, 2008 ; 4:36 PM {♥}

anna wants me to update. haha. cause she was rather mad at me for sending me photos but not updating. HAHA! or maybe she isn't mad at me. but bu shuang. cause she took the effort to send me but i didn't update. HAHAHAH! so here are they :}

ACT cute esther :}

pretty anna :}

alright. alittle sidetrack now.thinking aback.i'm still amazed by myself on how i request to ger that i wanna go church. HAHA! i used be sort of anti-christians (alright. i think anti is a much stronger word but i can't think of anything to replace it) it's not that i really anti christians. haha. i will shoot sy whenever she says about God etc. haha ! poor sy. hehe ! & holy-crap is my fav word in the past. but somehow which i don't know why & it still amazed me. i...i...i... asked ger this qns," can bring me to city harvest?" I REALLY DON'T KNOW WHY ! haha. anyway i asked sy this qns first but her svc is TOO early. anyway. i think ger is pretty shocked too & she replied me," you sure anot? you don't go there curse leh." HAHAHA!!!!! that's how i first stepped into chc. hehe ! & then i somehow persuaded penny to go with me,because we are supposed to have tuition with them. then because penny didn't kow the way there therefore she agreed. hoho ! anyway. i feel that i'm actually fated to be a christian. HAHA! when i was around pri 3. i was super close with my relive teacher which somehow is a christian. i spent my recess with her etc. then she started telling me stories from genesis. then she started giving me worksheets to do. haha. it's sort of comprehension whereby there's short stories then we have to answer those simple qns. then she brought me to church. but after she left my school we stop contacting each other. HAHA! but when i was pri 4. my uncle got married. & my aunt is a catholic. so every christmas she will bring me to catholic church. & during some of the weekends she will bring me there too. but but. i didn't really care about virgin mary instead i'm more concentrated on jesus. && i didn't know that's a catholic church till i first stepped into chc. HAHA ! then i went home asked my mother then i know my aunt is a catholic. LOL! pretty funny eh? HAHA ! anyhow,that's not the main point. I AM REALLY SURPRISED THAT I ASKED GER TO BRING ME TO CHURCH ! hahahaha! but somehow i'm glad that i did it. okay. i think i should stop here. just trying to share stories of my fate with God. LOL! & i can't rmb whether did i went for the altar call when i was young. but i remembered being sprayed holy water when i'm in catholic church?alright. i think i should really stop ! =D

byebye. gotta rush my eng homework now. i'm going to MUG MUG MUG from tml onwards ! =D gotta shine for God. hehehehe

PS: richard told me that the catholic i used to attend is the same as him and brendan. HAHA! it's somewhere near upp thomson road. or maybe he didn't hear the CATHOLIC. hahaha. anyway. i hope that N161 blog will revive again =/

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Jun 20, 2008 ; 1:34 AM {♥}

stole this few photos from i forgot where. HAHAHA! ok. it's during the camp ! :}
yahoo ! i just got home not long. haha. went fareast today. started the day emo-ing cause i reached there earlier than ger and pen =="
but but but ! luckily i saw esther &bunch. WOOHOO! =D
so glad yea. & being miss nice nice. they waited with me. haha
camwhore there. hurhur. will post it up when anna send me those photos. haha. oyea. saw jieying and huiru there. :} mayflower 5F gathering day :X
cute specs huh? incase you can't figure out who she is. she is PENNY !
ok. i laugh out. HAHAHA!
valerie :}
jiahui :}
selena :} why i smile so awkwardly? =S

anyway. shopped around fareast for awhile.wanted to have our lunch in very good one. BUT SO SAD LAH ! there's no more very good one :{
so. we walked to wistma to have our lunch at the foodcourt. haha.
went to meet jieying and huiru after that. hehe.
met brenda at around 7+pm. LOL!
we had a hard time finding each other. haha.
thanks to jieying. we finally met each other ! LOL!LOL!
walked around wistma but didn't see anything nice.
walked back to fareast. hahaha. after looking at many many many shops.
we finally bought something from one of the shop.hehee !
well. i can't really go shopping with brenda. cause we both are direction idiots ! HAHAHA!
we actually had a hard time walking out of wistma. HAHA!
sometimes i can get lost in my own school too :X yea. i'm really that idiot. LOL!
saw alicia and her sis after that. asked her for some opinon. haha.
oyea. saw my cousin on bus too. but but. she was sleeping so didn't went up to her. haha. alicia says she is pretty. lol! alicia once said my brother is handsome too ==" hurhur.
anyway. supposed to go home but but. somehow i decided to join alicia for pool. haha
initally felt a little awkward when alicia told me there's some other people joining too. but but. they left not long after. HAHAHA!
anyway. playing with all the pool pros. ==" hahaha.
saw qiu lian there too. haven't been seeing her for quite a long time ! HAHA.
she said i look like one ah lian ==" do i? OH NO!
don't get mistaken alright. hahahaha !
alicia is the real ah lian. not me. OPPS ! =X
alicia gotta kill me when she sees this. WAHAHAHAHAHAS !
alright. gotta go. BYEBYE ! it's 2am now ==" hurhur

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Jun 17, 2008 ; 9:58 PM {♥}

hohohoho ! i woke up at 8.45am today !
so don't ever call me PIG ! =P
hurhur. actually i'm waken up by 2 babes and hunks =="
oyea. seow wei finally break voice ! that explains her manly voice ! LOL!
&&& richard said he's a GAY! (it's a sin you know? HAHA ) & yea. he've a super sexy and girly voice !
reluctantly,i crawled out of my bed.
prepared then went to meet them. HAHA!
poor seow wei have to go home and rush her projects.
met clara on the bus. haha. so qiao yea? so ask her to join us in kpool. so she agreed.
on my way saw keith leo & gang. but i only managed to greet keith leo. others too far liao. lol
pool is great for the fact that i've WON richard!WAHAHAHAHAHAS!
& it definitely isn't luck ! it's SKILL! haha.
anyway. had my brunch after that. er. wait wait wait. i forgot whether did i take any breakfast today. HAHA
alright. that isn't the main point. lol. saw mrs pang there with her cute granddaughter.
after that we saw mrs nathan. hurhur =="
then then. benson and stephanie follow up next.
then then then zhi wei and xu yuan.
then then then then chong hao and his gf.
then then then then then yiling and her bf. oshit ! i forgot her bf name again! =X
then then then then then manfred and nigel.
then then then then then then alishia.
hahahahahaha ! peng you man tian xia ! =P
proudly present to you. JASMINE LIM! =D

went for geography field trip ytd ! =D hydroponics farm. which they called it the agri-hotti ( i think so)

naughty alicia tried to lock the boys inside it! HAHA

went to some museum after that. haha. alright i know i'm too big for that little bike.
this is the suitable size. HAHA!
lol. jieying. 26yrs old liao. stop doing those childish things =X

uh-huh. can you spot chc there? LOL!
OMY! there's giant ! she is taller than those buildings lah ! anyway. they say in actual life those building is 400times bigger than those modals. imagine that woman who is 400times bigger. SCARY LAH ! haha.

found this photo taken during camp. haha. dorcas wore this very cute shirt that day ! which makes us feel like giving her some HI 5 ! =DD

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Jun 15, 2008 ; 7:04 PM {♥}

haven't been blogging for days. hahaha. i guess you guys are totally shocked ! LOL!
esp brendan ==" everytime i told him i'm online he confirm will ask. blogging arh?
ok.shall blog some major happenings only. haha.
last friday. we had a fellowship dinner at benjamin's house. woohoo!
super shiok la! HAHA! i like the designs of his house. SUPER NICE and CLASSY! =D
and mr nice nice benjamin cooked pasta for us.YUMMY!
we all bought some finger foods over. yea. so it's sort of a small buffet. HAHA.
it really a great dinner whereby everybody get closer to everyone. yeayea.
anyhow. we celebrated richard's birthday on that day too. haha.
mr benjamin baked a chocolate cheese cake specially for him. YUMMY TOO!
omy. i think i'm loving ben's cooking. haha! super yummy can! =PP
ivan called that day. & i was listening to the funny convo. HAHA!
pretty entertaining =X
i bet annabelle must be feeling sad la. cause she didn't get to talk to him much! HAHAHA! oya. i suggested to her to da bao the leftover cheese cake for ivan. HAHAHAHA!
then when he book out. he will have SOUR cheesecake. sounds yummy yea?
sat svc was great too ! HAHA! super high. lol
went pool after svc.
woohoo!starting of the game is really awesome! haha.
cause whatever i shoot kept going in. lol.
oyar. THANKS TO MARCUS ! he treat us pool. HEHEHE.
forced by jas and me. LOL! lalalaa.
nothing much today thou.
kena dragged to expo svc by ger. hahaha.
conclusion for the day.
i love N161 ! HAHAHA!
because i was rather bored when joining the other cg. haha
my heart is at N161 lor ! LOL!!!!!

alright alright. i'm tired. yea yea. prayer meeting tml ! =D
byebye ~

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Jun 12, 2008 ; 8:40 PM {♥}

Tagged by CYBIL WONG. :D
1. If you have given a choice between friends and love, which one will you choose?
Answer: i will choose both. HAHA

2. What do you want the most?
Answer: God presence,money

3. Do you believe in after life?
Answer : of course not! i believe in going to heaven! HAHA

4. Do you hate your friends sometimes?
Answer: i don't hate my friends. just that sometimes i will dislike their actions. get it? haha

5. When do you wish to die?
Answer: i don't wish to die at all ! HAHA.

6. Do you believe in seeing the rainbow after the rain?
Answer: sometimes you will see it,sometimes you won't. DUH! haha

7. What things have you wished for?
Answer:let's see. i think what i've wished is too many to be listed out.

8. Do you believe in eternity love?
Answer: yes!of course :}

9. Have you broken someone's heart until he/she wants to commit sucide?
Answer: hurhur. i don't think so. LOL!

10. What feeling do you love the most?
Answer : being happy of course.

11. What requirements do you wish from your other half?
Answer: always loving me ! :D

12. What feeling do you hate the most?
Answer: Being left out! aka pangseh.

13. Do you cherish every single friendship of yours?
Answer. YES! =D

14. Is there anything you are looking forward to next week?
Answer: Nothing i guess. haha. oya. i'm looking forward to everyweek cg and svc ! =D

15. Who do you think is the most important in your life?
Answer: GOD,family,friends.

16. Who do you hope to be always there for you.
Answer: Family & Friends.

17. Do you find life meaningless?
Answer: No.

18. Do you treasure your life?
Answer: Yes !

19. What do you think about the person that tagged you. List 5 things.

20. Name out somethings that make you extremely happy.
Answer: Receiving presents *hints hints* , spending time with my family and friends.

remove one question from the above and add in your own personal question and answer then tag 8 people in your list. Whoever does the tag will have a blessing from me.
i don't find it a blessing to others. haha! so once again i'm not tagging anyone. BLEAHS ! =P i know that my blog forbids right click. so they can't copy and paste at all! so i will not trouble anyone. HAHAHAHAH! =D

brought to you by WANFONG {♥}

; 12:18 PM {♥}

i'm back from the sozo extreme camp !
slept my afternoon away ytd. =/ slept from 2.30pm to 8pm =SS
then i sleep again at 10.30pm and woke up at 9am today.
i'm resembling roasted pig now. HAHA!
but i hardly sleep during the camp.
the night before the camp.was chatting on phone with ger and jas.
slept only at 1.30am woke up at 6.45am.
1st night during camp i didn't sleep at all! guess i'm missing my bed too much. haha. anyway. our cg combined with cindy's cg. played some games on the 1st day.i still rmb there's one super disgusting game. the guys have to dig their head into a pail of water to bite the apple. so everyone's saliver is in it la. how disgusting can that be? =S haha. went riverwalk at night. flim some videos to advetise sozo camp. lights off on 1am.
then we were awaken up at 4am to play some zombie game =="
it's fun but tiring ! haha. gotta hide from the zombie.
quite scary which i don't know why. HAHA!
gotta clear all the quest. after that we had some morning exercise.
went sentosa in the afternoon.
ultimate craziness! got ourselves all wet and dirty ! haha.
really enjoyed at the sentosa!
had some skit at night. super funny la !
desmond. stop whacking people la ! =X
had a little gathering on the last day.
oya. i forgot to mention that we are the rocky rockers team!
we are a bunch of rockers ! WOOHOO!
camp is really fun ! all the peoples there are super high which makes me high too. haha.
i must say zon,mandy,wei liang's cg is really super on !
their team spirit is super HIGH! haha!
oya. i really find zon very cute la. 15 years old only leh. haha.
but he know how to beat box,beat drum etc. wooohoo!
his beatbox super COOL! anyway. i really had fun during this 3 days of camp!
because of this camp. i'm drawn closer to God,jasmine,marcus,benjamin and gracia. and i get to know new friends like mandy,zon,karen,benjamin,choonkeat etc. =DD
i know i left pen and ger out. but we were close all along mah ! HAHA!

oyar. something to add on.
initially before the camp. i thot i wouldn't see desmond la. but ended up we are under the same house ! HAHAHAHA!
alright. is good to see old friends yea? =D

ever since i accept salvation. i realise my life is full of excitement.
& i get to know more nice peeps. till now. i have NEVER ever regret taking this road. despite people teasing me saying things like. when you became so holy?wanna hallelujiah somemore? but you see. God is with me !! =DDD
HE is always there by my side.i'm looking forward to everyday life now ! because i know HE've got more plans for me ! i wanna draw close to YOU!!!

ok. i'm in a hyper mood now. :}

byebye. ciaoz.

brought to you by WANFONG {♥}

Jun 8, 2008 ; 8:24 PM {♥}

went to celebrate clar belated birthday just now ! =DD

too lazy to type. shall let the photos speaks.

this is the birthday girl ! =D clarissa choo jiamin.

this potato chips taste super NICE ! =D clar bought it for us from perth. hahaha. so shiok right? her mum sponser her trip!

anyway. if you guys have notice i've just added a part for N161 ! =D shall search for annabell photo soon. wahahhahahas =PPP yeayea.camp tml!!! alright. i'm super sleepy and tired now zz

brought to you by WANFONG {♥}

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