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May 31, 2007 ; 11:07 PM {♥}

went to school as per normal ytd for extra lessons..yiling came to my house early in the morning to get her bag.den get ready to go to school.wanted to go and meet clara and guys.but kana chased by mrs sidhu.hahaha
was late for geo lesson.eh.late for 30 mins =X went to poa lesson
and went to eat my CHICKEN RICE (: was craving for it the whole morning.haha.
then,i decided to pon english =X you know.u have to sit there for 1 hour to do your comprehen,compo etc.so tiring.LOL! =X so went back home,bringing jas meiyu n sy.they were so noisy la.i can't get my rest :(( hahaa.so decided to watch red candy.LOL!but i went to bath instead =X ya lah ya lah.im timid can?HAHAHA!
went to take bus to clark quay to immual beauty school.
went to meet clara n val after tat for pool.then, just nice alicia ring me up.so i asked her if she wanna join us.xiao tong came too.
pool for awhile and went to night market to eat
YUMMY~!!!! HAHHA! bought lots of food to eat =X i tell you.it's really ALOT! lol
saw aaron kwek there.HAHA!very long nv see him le.he became more "guai" le.but still.his eyes is simply so small =XXXX
after tat.went to amk hub to walk walk and take pictures.HAHHA!
then kana chased by security =="
so bo bian.den go home lor.HAHAH x)
reach home dread tired =="

lalalaa~! HAHA! i realise when i put the would you be there lyrics.the part tat says"If I were blue, would you be there for me" HAHHA! my friends came and told me they will be there.oooo..so sweet of u guys.but it's just a song lyrics (:

brought to you by WANFONG {♥}

May 26, 2007 ; 4:57 PM {♥}

hohoho!!i didn't went to skool ytd =XX when to meet yiling,alicia n sock yong.ate ichiban at hub.so bloody ex!! =X sy went to meet her friend while yiling alicia n me went to take bus to bugis.
reached bugis.and soon after.a siao zha bor came.connie chan =X
bought my heels and one superman shirt..HAHA!connie bought batman shirt.LOL!they insist im slow in everything.not im slow.is they are fast..haha!ytd was a pretty good day.everything is on sales.discount like siao.HAHA!went mjphonesis.discount again.but didn't get anything.shuld ask kaixuan go since she like it so much.HAHA!
walk half way connie n alicia change shoes.LOL!connie wear alicia shoes like slipper..anyway.went to icons to shop shop.and alicia came up with a freaking weird idea.2 person walk seperate stairs and see will meet anot =="
took a bus back amk.was laughing all the way there.went funland..for wad?pool of cos!hahaa..
they 3 bak up hao and bully me lor ):
so saddening rite?HAHA!
i this da hao ren kana bullied.LOL!!!!!!!!
went home at around 10++pm
HAHA!tat's my pon skool day ^^

brought to you by WANFONG {♥}

May 22, 2007 ; 8:21 PM {♥}

things aren't gg too well for me.having moodswing this few days and my results aren't good at all =( keep wanting to study.but my excuse is always.aiya.tomorrow la.n my tomorrow nv come.ARGHH!!
im getting pissed off lately.i dunno why.even at the slightest things.
and i realise.everyone made mistakes.everyone have que dian.it's only if their que dian is ridiculous anot.and the person tat is gossiping them depends on how great they are at gossiping and emphasizing the que dian.which makes other ppl hate them..HAHA!so..i will try not to gossip too much =XXXX
im a gossiping queen actually..HAHA
someone told me.try not to hate anyone..if u tends to hate anyone.it makes ppl hate u too.the feeling aren't nice.so i will try my best not to bare grudges.HAHA!but.i forgot who is actually tat someone.HAHA!!!
o ya.getting closer with alicia yiling jie ying shaun n kai zhow lately.HAHA!trust me.they are good friends!!! (: kaizhow is actually a gentleman.shaun is actually kind alicia is actually quite a joker and yiling gives good advice! (:

FRIENDS is the word! =D

brought to you by WANFONG {♥}

May 20, 2007 ; 9:00 PM {♥}

woke up early in the morning to get myself prepared to meet kx they all at orchard.HAA!im the first one to reached -.- see..im so punctual n u guys make me wait.RAHHS!!
u noe..everybody changed alot..HAHA! emily became skinnier n prettier le..HAHA!i couldn't recognise her in the first place =/ kx has been more GIRLY le..UNBELIEVEABLE rite??!!!ur eyes didn't play trick on u..HAHA!everybody is so pretty now =/ liyan is getting skinner n skinner each days.. the guys didn't change =XXXX

went to partyworld..tcsspm..HAHA!!dunno wad's tat?ask kx then.dunno who's kx?dun bother den =XXXXXXX

went walk walk with clar n kx half way thru the kbox.HAHA!clar is such a joker.. ==" she left early.kns her =XXXX HAHA!! zhu zhu~!!!!!! =XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

liyan is so not like her today..she is extremely quiet..HAHA!!!she is always the noisiest one lor..HAHA!!mayb she shy la =/ or mayb see me too pretty le XD

went to meet my parents at hub after tat.went fairprice shop shop n bought some foods..went to eat PEPPER LUNCH~!woohoo~! so nice..HAHA! im still craving for crabs!!! =S

guess wad?i've told shaun abt my thinkings abt our class boys..HAHA!he said he will try to control himself n get serious on studies. (: JIA YOU EVERYONE!!!

in fact.i do love my class!!they r just so adorable.HAHA!! when u say out ur comments.they wun go !)*@1*^%^%$@ instead they will try to listen n change.so.. (:

I LOVE 4FORMIDABLE!! esp all the girls (:

brought to you by WANFONG {♥}

May 19, 2007 ; 6:31 PM {♥}

had school as usual ytd..the last 2nd lesson for image consultant.HAHA!they teached make-up ytd.ian gwee is the first one to raise up his hand n said he wanna be the make-up artist as he intially thot he would draw on bee ying's face -.- but bee ying is being choose by chris(the image consultant) already.HAHA!so everyone sabo-ed him asking samathan to be his model.LOL!!!of cos.ian gwee rejected.HAHA!so end up.he pulled jonathan lim up to be his model.LOL! wei hua partner with connie n kai zhow with shuan.HAHA!

kai zhow was like a AH BENG make-up artist.LOL!jie ying yiling n me was like..ehh..got so fierce de make-up artist de meh?HAHA!anyway.shaun look damn GAY having the make-up on..will post the pic ltr.HAHA!his eyelashes is SUPER SUPER SUPER long!!he look so..gay-ish =X i went to get the kiap eyelashes(i dunno wad's tat called) n mascara for him..HAHA!!!n everybody thot it's part of the process..actually it's not =X i just see his eyelashes so long.so wanted to help him make it longer.HA!

anyway.had POA remedial after school.went to the class.slack awhile n off i went to meet alishia n steph..ate our lunch n i went home.

meet jie ying alicia n yiling at 4pm to cut hair.i was late as i thot jie ying will be later =Xwent to topimage to have a hair cut.but mailto:!@&@*$%5E#^%()_ my fringe is so freaking ugly now

)X i told the hair stylish to cut it shorter.but he went to cut it thinner..WTH!! ARGHHH!! went to pool after tat.haa.ytd is my no form day -.- im so in love with pool! (:

the process of making up x)
the outcome! xD

the make-up artist(kaizhow) n the model(shaun)

beeying.the most normal one! haha

shall end my post here x) have a good laugh!

brought to you by WANFONG {♥}

May 16, 2007 ; 8:23 PM {♥}

i didn't noe y i put tat title.HAHA!just for e sake of fun? =X things aren't gg too well for me.BAD RESULTS!i wonder when will i really concentrate n STUDY!i tried so hard.yes!i TRIED!but i just can't concentrate.my results r really LOUSY! im starting to lose confident on maths now.but rather.im gaining confidence on science.my chem is still bad.but at least it improved.i have quite high hopes for my physics.hope it scored well..

maths..6 out of 20+ of us passed.n of cos.im not one of them -.- to my surprise..tian tian didn't passed =/ shalln't mention my marks as it's HORRIBLE!!but..not to worry.im not e lowest in the class.e lowest seem like it's only 10+ or 20+ -.- of cos.im better den tat. =X the maths paper is really NOT easy!i think mr wee paper is easier.as he gave us one paper for pratice.n he said.tat's o lvl standard.but.really meh?HAHA!tat paper is like quite easy.LOL!!!! my poa finally passed!but not a very good grade.my paper 1 failed quite badly.but my paper 2 passed quite colourfully..HAHA!ok.i noe my english is bad -.- one of my worries too.RAHHS!!!

lee wan fong!!u better start studying now b4 u start to regret!!!!!!

study study study study study zzz...

u're back.but gone again =(

brought to you by WANFONG {♥}

May 14, 2007 ; 7:11 PM {♥}

im finding our klass boys r freaking kiddish(using ryn's word =X) they r behaving like small kids!like wad i told yiling.. as friends ok as studymates/classmates u just can't concentrate with them around n u can bloody fail all the subject when u r with them.as lovers big NO!

we r still waiting for some guys to actually grow up.not physically but mentally..try coming my class n see..HAHA!not all guys r like tat..but most of them r like tat..LOL!!as a friend they r pretty ok..this few days alot of news..LOL!!! i just happened to noe so much =/ HAHA!!!guys..all ur secrets r within me =XXXX BEWARE!!!hahaha..

o ya..i actually understands how keith lin feels now.with all those kiddish around.LOL!!!!

image consultant was good today.but kana ps by jie ying n yiling =.= LOL!!shit U!! =XXX HAHA!!! but end up..we r gossiping at e back.HAHA! yiling jie ying..SHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

n seriously i think we can be image consultant already..HAHA!!!we r actually discussing how to wear n wad to wear..smart..aren't we? once teached we understood..heheheh!!! e smartie threes (:


brought to you by WANFONG {♥}

May 11, 2007 ; 1:08 PM {♥}

it's khim birthday today!HAHA!msged her at 12am -.- and im e 2nd one to wish her..lol!!!
anyway..happy birthday khim!im so nice..HAHA =XXX
gg out with sy penny ger n daryl ltr..LOL!!!! no skool today..YEAH~!!! (:

brought to you by WANFONG {♥}

; 12:16 AM {♥}

YEAHS~!!!i've no more paper now.. HIP HIP HURRAY~!!!
had chem paper today.half of e paper i dunno how to do -.- so..wad's the point of having high marks for physics?RUBBISH!!haha

went to hub n slack with penny nana ger sy n jas..HAHA!gossip alot =XX
i beginning to feel like a bad guy =/
and.im easily pissed off this few days.dunno y.LOL!!

sy just came my house just now.haa.she is scared of being alone.LOL!!!

I WANTED TO GO KBOX TML!!!but.wth..no $$..SUCKS man! n my mama just dun wanna sponser me -.- sian!!! i miss my dearest kaixuan eileen n cheryn (:

i miss kellypoon too :(

brought to you by WANFONG {♥}

May 9, 2007 ; 2:42 PM {♥}

woohoo~!!! the-x-family is coming ^^ whee~! can't wait to see arron jiro calvin n WUZUN(thou a little part only -.-)

rahhs!!!y wuzun is always fliming alone?i think fliming as a group is better lor..HAHA!o yahh..he have a new drama again =/ tgt with angela zhang..they fliming as a couple..heard tat it's quite funny..HAHA!but i still prefer him fliming tgt with other frh members..so not fair!lol..

n im so so so so looking forward to zhong ji yi jia than wo jia gong zhu.. =/ LOL!!! too addicted to zhong ji yi ban.esp e ding xiao yu..WOHOO~!!so freaking cute.HAHA!n the show is FUNNY!! duan chang ren x))

o yah!yanzi gai ban album is out.n i haven't get mine yet.. -.- pretty broke..RAHHS!!shall ask my mama to get it for me =XXXX the cover is sosososo attracting pls!!!woohoo~!! yanzi x)) tricia say she will get hers too..HAHA!!!tricia only like miss kelly poon.since now she oso abit like yanzi.wad does this shows?YANZI ROCKS! HAHA! n there's a news abt yanzi.saying yanzi being snapped by those dogs gang.n those dogs gang actually praised yanzi.HAHA!cos they saw yanzi gg eat alone lahh..nv bai jia zhi(nv act like really some big stars)..HAHA!n those dogs gang simply can't get anything to tok bad abt yanzi..HAHA!!yeah~!!!

isn't this attracting?get yours now while stock last!!!

It’s only been 2 months n 7days.yet I’ve been missing you like mad! please end your trainings n come back soon!noopyllek!imu!

brought to you by WANFONG {♥}

May 2, 2007 ; 5:45 PM {♥}

so long nv update le..HAHA!had ss n poa paper today..my 2 poor subject tgt. -.- ss was alright la..i think i can score pretty well on SBQ but not on e SQ haha..wad i've studied didn't came out..wad i didn't studied came out =/ so pretty sway lahh..haha..o well...i've to admit..i didn't really study for it =XXwent libaray with edmund alicia pierre kee soon kai zhow jian an aaron etc this few days.didn't studied much when im with them..bcos of tat mr ho ho ho la..hahaa xD keep bothering me with maths...MATHS!!rahhs..friday maths paper 2..goodluck to me.haha..o yeah..i think i can FIANLLY pass my poa ((:i have e same ans as pierre ^^ he had a bet with alicia n me..if we 2(alicia n me) marks add tgt can more den pierre..den he will treat us ANYTHING!!i have pepper lunch in mind now..just hope tat he doesn't get full marks..n..alicia..did u actually do ur paper??!! =/ HAHA!

im in love with korean nowadays ((:

brought to you by WANFONG {♥}

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